Howard Colby

Colby Howard


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Completed Courses:

Physical Healing: 12
Inner Healing: 1
Deliverance: 12

Living more than 18 years of my life in the drug world as a drug user and dealer, I had consumed almost every illegal drug known. During that time, I practiced and taught the use of spiritual powers through the psychic world. As a psychic Chandler, I perform psychic seances and readings, communicated with the dead, along with a host of other supernatural techniques. Near the end of that time, my life started to fall apart. My physical body started to give out from the massive amount of drugs I was taking. I began to have seizures, not unlike an epileptic fit, during which I had no control over my body. The very supernatural powers I believed I could control began to turn against me. I began experiencing many desire and unexplainable incidents that brought great fear and torment to my life.

I received a call from a friend I had seriously offended. Out of his love for God, he chose to forgive me and reach out to me. My friend invited me to attend his church, Colonial Woods Missionary Church. Not wanting to continue to feel hopeless, I agreed to go. I was offered freedom through accepting Jesus Christ and what He had done on the cross for me and for all of mankind. Having no idea who Jesus was, but out of overwhelming desperation for freedom, I accepted the pastor's offer and that day I walked out of church a new man. Jesus broke the bondage they called world had over me and totally set me free from all my drug addictions.

The day that God changed my life in an instant was in 1986, and I have never turned back. Over those years I've learned to serve the Lord and have had the joy of sharing my life and story with many others and seeing their lives changed.

No matter where you are in life I am absolutely sure you are not a lost cause. There is always hope when Jesus gets involved. If God did it for me I know his power is great enough for you.


Phone: 810-434-8687
Email: howard@colonialwoodsmc.com


3176 Walnut st.
Port Huron, MI 48060 USA

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