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Physical Healing: 12

I have been married for 33 years and have 3 grown up sons and am part of an amazing leadership team in our church, The Ark.
After suffering from ME for 3 years Jesus healed me instantly at a healing conference 12 years ago. He then commisioned me to go and touch other peoples lives, bringing healing and freedom just as He's done for me.
Since then I have travelled to 7 different countries doing around 16 ministry trips, seeing many healings, including blindness, deafness, a mute man speaking after 23 years, lameness, malaria and all sorts of other sickness healed. I've seen some great things in UK too, but want more!
My main passion, apart from seeing people saved and transformed as they get to know the love of their Father, is teaching others how to heal the sick, as I believe we're all called to do it but most of us have had wrong ideas or are too afraid to even try it. I love it when someone like the 16 year old girl in Uganda, got hold of the revelation that Jesus did it on the cross, and immediately went to her grandfather who was deaf, laid her hands on his ears and commanded them to open in Jesus name. They did, and both the girl and her grandfather were just dancing around praising God!. Love it, love it, love it!
More Lord!


Email: debbieplura@hotmail.com


Sheffield, South Yorkshire S2 3HJ United Kingdom

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