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I am Joe Van Winkle. My residence is in Estes Park, Colorado, where I am a retired surgical nurse and a Member of Rocky Mountain Church. Before becoming a nurse in 2005, I was a trial lawyer beginning in 1978, first for the Navy, and then in private practice in Des Moines, Iowa. I retired in January of 2015, and moved to Estes Park. Since then, my activities have centered around church, hospital volunteering and hiking.
I became a Christian in February of 2015, when Christ healed an acute back problem I was experiencing. Since then, He has both healed my physical problems through prayer, and called me to be a Christian healer. After reading two of Randy Clark's books on healing, I took and passed the Physical Healing 1 course, concluding on October 2, 2016.
My goal is to become a better conduit for Gods's Healing power, both to honor him and to strengthen and expand the Body of Christ. I am looking for opportunities to associate with and assist other Christian healing ministers to accomplish this goal.


Phone: 515-490-3475
Email: jo.vanwinkle@yahoo.com


635 Park River Place
Estes Park, CO 80517 US

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