Cathy Coppola

Coppola, Cathy


No Certifications

Completed Courses:

Physical Healing: 123
Deliverance: 1

Pastor Cathy Coppola has a mandate to preach the Word of God by the power of the Holy Spirit and release signs and wonders to the nations. She preaches the Word of God globally through the Internet and radio. She can be seen daily on The Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network, HSBN.tv. 

With a strong healing, deliverance and prophetic gifting, God is sending her to the nations to release His fire to churches, cities, and regions. She has ministered in South America and Africa speaking at Women's Conferences.

Pastor Cathy Coppola is the Founder of “Cathy Coppola International Ministries” and her church, “The House of Glory.”

She preaches the Word of God and leads worship at her weekly “Miracle Services” and the power of the Holy Spirit floods the meetings with signs, wonders, healings and deliverances. 

She has authored two books, “From Grief to Glory”, and “Devil! Get Your Hands Off!”

It is her passion to minister to people and get them filled with the Holy Spirit and set free by His captivating love.


Ministry Name: Cathy Coppola International Ministries
Website: http://cathycoppolaministries.org/

Email: cathycoppola@gmail.com


Mission Viejo, CA 92692 US

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