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My wife, Nicole, and I moved to San Diego at the end of June 2017 from Rochester, NY. We believe that God's will is for San Diego to be saved and to experience God's power and love. We recently became members of SOUL church, planted in 2014 and led by Marc and Bethany Wymore.

God's plan for humanity doesn't stop at the new birth; it is just beginning. The goal is not simply salvation, but for us to become living sacrifices with a renewed mind (Romans 12). Our life should conform to the image of the one we follow: Christ. 

I have a passion to see the pages of the Scripture come alive. I have a passion to bring hope to the hopeless, bring light into the darkness, break the chains of bondage off peoples' lives, and empower them to walk a life like Christ. Nobody is too low for the Father's love to reach them, no one is too far gone that the restoring hope of Christ cannot redeem them, and no sickness is too far gone that the power of God cannot save them.

Let's bring light to all areas of darkness and hope to all those who have no hope in San Diego. Let's destroy the works of the enemy while we're at it, and bring freedom to all that we can. And while we do so, let's bring unity to the churches of San Diego, working arm-and-arm with each other to bring this city to Christ.


Email: tcoulter@u.rochester.edu


San Diego,, CA

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