Allison Lowrie

Lowrie, Allison


No Certifications

Completed Courses:

Physical Healing: 12
Inner Healing: 1
Deliverance: 1

Allison was healed in 2008 by the Lord of 30+ years of rheumatoid arthritis and more than 30 years of significant food allergies. Then in 2009 the Lord delivered her from bondage to a lie she'd believed all her life that she didn't even know was there. She now has a passion to see others healed and set free. She is on the Healing Ministry team of Living Hope Community Church in Old Greenwich, CT. They take appointments for healing prayer from people inside and outside the church. 


Ministry Name: Living Hope Community Church Healing Ministry
Website: http://livinghopeCT.org

Email: alowrie@optonline.net


Stamford, CT 06903 USA

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