Susan Mead

Mead, Susan


No Certifications

Completed Courses:

Physical Healing: 1
Inner Healing: 1

Susan believes the Word of God is spirit and LIFE, it is living and active.

God sent His Word (Jesus) and healed them. So she prays, uniting her prayer with yours, believing God hears and heals His sons and daughters.

A master storyteller and award-winning, bestselling author, Dr. Susan B. Mead, ThD, leaves audiences motivated to live a life free of regrets even though she has done the hardest thing any parent can do - bury her youngest son, Kyle.

Susan has been described as a solid, comforting voice in a messy world. Whether speaking to business professionals, women’s conferences, industry leaders or writer’s workshops, Susan’s insightful wisdom inspires audiences, empowering them to make healthy mental u-turns to help them find calm in the chaos

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